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Indigenous people are less likely to survive the year after an ICU admission

Risk of death and 12-month mortality among critically ill patients admitted to the intensive care unit are higher for Indigenous than non-Indigenous people, according to research published by the Medical Journal of Australia.


BMJ studies provide latest real world evidence on effectiveness of COVID-19 treatments

Two studies published by The BMJ provide the latest evidence on the effectiveness of both currently licensed and possible COVID-19 treatments under everyday "real world" conditions, helping to shed more light on whether these drugs can prevent people from becoming seriously ill.


Leprosy: Ancient disease has potential to regenerate livers

Leprosy is one of the world's oldest and most persistent diseases but the bacteria that cause it may also have the surprising ability to grow and regenerate a vital organ. Researchers from the University of Edinburgh’s Centre for Regenerative Medicine have discovered that parasites associated with leprosy can reprogram cells to increase the size of a liver in adult animals without causing damage, scarring or tumours.


Monash researchers find balloon labour induction is safer for babies

Melbourne researchers from Monash Health and Monash University have found that one of two common methods to induce labour is safer for babies, although both were as safe for the mother and neither led to more caesarean births.


Link between sleep apnoea and dementia, according to a UQ study in mice

Researchers at The University of Queensland have discovered a link between obstructive sleep apnoea and an increased risk of developing dementia. Professor Elizabeth Coulson from UQ's Queensland Brain Institute and School of Biomedical Sciences and her team found a causal relationship between a lack of oxygen to the brain during sleep and Alzheimer's disease in mice.


UniSC research putting a dollar value on cancer survival

New University of the Sunshine Coast-led research has for the first time estimated the health care costs of Queenslanders who survived cancers in the 20 years to 2016.


Rockhampton Special Care Nursery provides innovative support for premmie babies and their families

Since 2020 the nursing team at the Rockhampton Hospital Special Care Nursery (SCN) has been actively supporting one of Australia’s leading charities, Life’s Little Treasures Foundation (LLTF), and providing help to families of premmie babies through a number of engagement and fund raising activities.


Meet your CPD requirements with CKN

While registered health care professionals are aware of their annual CPD obligations, many don’t know they can use self-directed learning to meet this requirement.


Up to 750,000 people in Australia could be at risk of Japanese encephalitis this summer

A research team led by QIMR Berghofer is extremely concerned about the potential for a major outbreak of Japanese encephalitis virus (JEV) in Australia this summer, driven in part by a third consecutive La Niña which is already causing widespread flooding.


Older class of type 2 diabetes drugs linked to 22% reduced dementia risk

Use of an older class of type 2 diabetes drugs called glitazones, also known as thiazolidinediones or TZDs for short, is linked to a 22% reduced risk of dementia, reveals a long term study published in the open access journal BMJ Open Diabetes Research & Care.