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Way forward in protecting health care workers from COVID-19

A new study by Monash University provides evidence that a simple ventilated headboard hood can stop the spread of coronavirus between patients and health care workers in hospital wards.


Experimenting children could cause inadvertent harms to grandmas, say researchers

Increased time at home during the Coronavirus pandemic may inspire budding scientists to search for a cure, but researchers in the Christmas issue of The BMJ warn of the potential toxicity of homemade potions. 


Qld discovery provides hope for early detection of serious COVID-19

QIMR Berghofer researchers have developed a way of testing whether or not COVID-19 patients' immune systems are gearing up to fight the virus that causes the deadly disease.


Fictional doctors who inspire

Although real life role models have influenced many medical careers, some doctors have taken their lead from medics in books, television, and film. Have you ever read a depiction of a doctor in a novel, or seen one on screen, and thought, “I want to be like them,” or perhaps you thought, “That’s the kind of doctor I don’t want to be”?  The BMJ asked doctors, students, and patients to think about the fictional doctors who have inspired and influenced them. We hope these light hearted reflections conjure thoughts of your own favourites.


How can I ask a colleague to work my Christmas shift?

It can be difficult to know how to approach asking for a shift swap over the festive season. The BMJ gets advice from the experts.


COVID-19: 10 things you need to know NOW

Coronavirus research output, new trial developments and public health advice are evolving and escalating on a daily basis, making it hard to keep up with what's important to know. The COVID-19 experts from the DynaMed EBM Focus editorial team have analysed the current leading research and provide some answers for the hot topics and burning questions being asked by clinicians around the world.


Explore the latest research and connect with colleagues with the Queensland Digital Health Journal Club

The Queensland Digital Health Journal Club showcases current research and latest developments in digital healthcare across the world. The Journal Club provides an opportunity to share learning about digital health, stay informed about the latest developments internationally, and ensure practices are contemporary and based on the latest evidence.


New clinical pathway - Acute Rheumatic Fever

Acute Rheumatic Fever (ARF) coupled with rheumatic heart disease (RHD) cause significant morbidity and premature mortality among Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. A new clinical pathway for ARF has been developed to assist clinicians recognise and manage suspected ARF in adult and paediatric patients presenting to the Emergency Department.


“Speaking up”: can it stop unprofessional behaviour in hospitals?

Australian hospital staff with self-reported “speaking-up” skills experienced less incivility and bullying from their colleagues, leading researchers to suggest that training in speaking up would help eliminate unprofessional behaviour.


Permanent night shift workers at heightened risk of moderate to severe asthma

With implications for healthcare employees, shift workers, especially those working permanent night shift rosters, may be at heightened risk of moderate to severe asthma, suggests research published online in the BMJ journal, Thorax. Given the prevalence of both shift work and asthma in industrialised nations, the public health implications of these findings are potentially “far-reaching,” warn the researchers.