CKN is always there when you need it

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Whether it’s during natural disasters, or over the summer festive season, CKN is always open.

CKN is designed to remain operational 24 x 7 through the worst of conditions – bushfires, cyclones, storms and floods. Even if QHEPS is temporarily unavailable at your hospital, or you aren’t able to make it in to work, wherever you have internet or mobile data coverage, you will also have access to CKN’s clinical information.

To access CKN using a mobile device or an offsite computer, you will need to register for a CKN Account – something we recommend all clinicians do, particularly if you are likely to be working during the festive season. Registering is easy and only takes a few minutes. If you know of Queensland Health or QAS colleagues who are not currently registered, please help spread the word.

How do I register?

I’m registered but have forgotten my password

Remember, whatever is happening in Queensland this summer, CKN will always be there.