CKN continues to champion clinician education and development

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CKN’s commitment to Queensland clinicians doesn’t end with providing access to one of the country’s most comprehensive online clinical libraries. Through its dedicated Brisbane-based trainer, Ms Hanwool Jeong, CKN has been able to provide both in-hospital and online webinar training on key point of care tools, research databases, journals, guidance on how to best to find information using CKN’s powerful discovery search, and develop a cohort of "super user" CKN Clinical Champions.

Pictured: CKN's Hanwool Jeong

Ms Jeong said that being able to reach individual clinicians through educational support had a wider flow-on effect throughout their multidisciplinary teams and departments.

“Coronavirus has had an impact on the ability to get to as many hospital departments and inductions as I was able to pre-pandemic, but I am now able to offer more webinars for groups alongside the regularly scheduled monthly training sessions.

“The information sessions CKN offers not only help at an individual level with a clinician’s professional development. I’ve also seen that learning shared more widely as many training participants become “CKN super-users”, incorporating what they have learned into their teams and assisting their colleagues.

"Clinicians interested arranging CKN training for themselves, their teams or departments, can email me directly and I will be happy to book in sessions to meet their specific needs,” Ms Jeong said.

Sam Hoole is the Nurse Educator for Bundaberg Hospital’s emergency department. Having worked in emergency nursing for almost 10 years Ms Hoole is a passionate advocate for multidisciplinary peer education and mentorship.

“Working in a busy regional department no two days are never the same! Emergency departments see patients of all ages, from all walks of life with every health condition you can think of. Combine that with the rapidly changing and evolving nature of modern medicine it's vital that we can stay current and have access to the latest research and guidelines so we can be confident that we're providing best practice, evidence-based care to our community members. Having access to reliable clinical information is incredibly important,” Ms Hoole said.

“I love the dynamic, fast-paced nature of the work, and working as an educator in this area means that I have to constantly challenge myself, my knowledge and skill and ensure that I stay current and connected with what's happening across emergency nursing. CKN content is peer-reviewed and current; it's easy to navigate and I know where I can look for the information I need. But sometimes staff can find accessing journals daunting or they are unsure where to start.

“Having Hanwool come and show them easy ways to build a simple search strategy or track CPD and take ownership of their professional development has been a real asset to our department and helped to highlight the importance of life-long-learning in nursing. I have really appreciated that support I’ve received.

“We also have many nurses undertaking further study at a Post-Graduate level, so we run short sessions on how to use CKN’s resources, such as Nursing Reference Center Plus, to help them conduct systematic searches for assignments, quality improvement projects and for bedside care. There are images and videos I can embed and they can all be easily referenced so staff can follow-up and read further than the information I put together. Again CKN and Hanwool have been invaluable in helping me when I’m developing and updating education packages for my department.”

Developing a cohort of Clinical Champions

Since 2016 CKN has run the Clinical Champions Program, a vital service helping spread awareness of the wide range of evidence-based clinical resources that CKN contains, how to find them, and how to use the various tools CKN offers. Typically Champions are clinicians who are enthusiastic to learn more about what CKN has to offer, and keen to help their colleagues make best use of the tools available to them.

Guided by Ms Jeong, the role of the CKN Clinical Champion is not onerous and focuses self- and peer-development.

“The goal of the program is to grow both your knowledge of CKN and the resources within it and to leverage your experience to champion CKN within your network and peer groups,” Ms Jeong said.

Ms Jeong explained that the program was designed to be flexible, providing participants with support and training to develop their ability to advocate for resources on CKN that are of relevance and interest to them.

“We want to encourage participation, so the program is not too arduous; but it does require enthusiasm and a small level of commitment,” Ms Jeong said.

“The program includes webinars taking participants through the basics of CKN, before branching out to various topics and resources of interest. The webinars are designed so that you get to get a deeper understanding of the resources plus tips on developing search strategies. These are supported by one-on-one sessions where I can help mentor participants in championing CKN and its resources, and sharing ways to promote CKN at everyone’s unique work environment. Being a CKN Champion is about letting your colleagues know about some advantages they can take from CKN. It can be as simple as letting teammates know about signing up for an CKN OpenAthens Account for offsite access, or letting them know about available resources, training sessions, or website features.”

Longstanding Champions alumna, Logan Hospital Physiotherapist Lisa Bellamy, initially became part of the Clinical Champions program to learn how to better use the resources available through the website. “I regularly use CKN to try to look up the best evidence for assessment and treatments. As more research is conducted there is more content to wade through to find those articles and resources most relevant to us. I wanted to see if I could find a more effective way of doing this,” Ms Bellamy said.

“The Champions Program has taught me a lot of “tips and tricks” for narrowing down searches much more quickly and effectively. And recently I have been able to highlight CKN’s COVID-19 Information Centre to a number of my colleagues to use for developing COVID-19 education and training resources for our team.”

CKN is currently recruiting for the September 2020 intake of Clinical Champions. To register your interest or for more information please contact Ms Hanwool Jeong.