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So you can enjoy the festive season!

Summer in Queensland is a wonderful holiday time for most people.  It is also the season in which we typically experience severe storms, cyclones and floods.

CKN is designed to remain operational 24/7 through the worst conditions, as demonstrated during the 2011 Queensland floods.

Even if QHEPS is temporarily unavailable at your hospital, CKN can still be accessed via the internet using a QH PC, offsite PC, or personal mobile device.

Remember: whatever the weather is doing outside this summer, if you have the internet, you have CKN!

To access CKN via a mobile device or offsite PC, you will need to register for a CKN Account – something we recommend all clinicians do as soon as possible, particularly if you are likely to be working during the festive season.

Registering for a CKN account is easy and literally only takes a few minutes.

How do I register?

I think I might already be registered – how do I check?

I’m registered but have forgotten my password

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Tuesday, 6 December, 2016