Clinician Profile - Matt Page, Principal Project Officer, Telehealth Support Unit

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CKN spoke with Matt Page, Principal Project Officer in the Telehealth Support Unit, part of the Healthcare Improvement Unit (HIU) in the Clinical Excellence Division. Matt is a regular user of CKN. We asked Matt to provide a bit of background about himself and for his thoughts about CKN.

I have a clinical background in nursing and healthcare improvement, and regard my current role in the Telehealth Support Unit as a career highlight. Our vision is to embed telehealth into everyday services as an accepted and supported enabler of healthcare for all Queenslanders.

Queensland has the most decentralised population of any mainland state in Australia, with more than half the population living outside the Brisbane metropolitan area and almost 18% living in areas classified as outer regional, remote or very remote.

International insight coupled with the experience of the Department and Hospital and Health Services is showing that telehealth is one mechanism which may enable people living in regional, rural and remote areas to have the best possible access to high quality health services and outcomes.

The obvious challenge to clinical staff in terms of information is access. With large numbers of clinicians on duty in a busy clinical environment it can be difficult to access desktop computers, particularly at peak times. However, we’ve seen significant ongoing change in that space, with portability the key. With the advent of the iEMR, access to IT infrastructure has been a core component and the use of personal devices such as smart phones and “phablets” has become more acceptable and necessary. CKN being available on your personal device is a great leap forward in accessing reliable, peer reviewed evidence when you need it.

Evidence based redesign is at the core of everything we do in HIU. CKN allows us to access rich sources of evidence through the Research Databases, eJournals and eBooks and Clinical Guidelines resources. The success of the services, programs and projects managed by HIU relies on solid collaborative relationships with our clinician and executive partners in the Hospital and Health Services across the state. Having current evidence to demonstrate the benefits and quality outcomes associated with our work is essential.

I use CKN regularly, with the Research Databases and eJournal & eBooks being the resources I use most, and the Discovery search tool is really helpful, yielding results from a rich variety of sources. CKN gives me the confidence that comes with knowing I’m using a reliable source of evidence. When exploring new models of care and directions in telehealth, CKN ensures I have access to current international supporting evidence in one easy step.

Having used CKN as both a clinician and project officer, I can’t recommend it enough. Whether you’re a practicing clinician, project officer or researcher, CKN provides easy access to a range of credible, peer-reviewed evidence and reliable tools. CKN is my “go to” site whenever I need to know the latest information on best practice and research.