Decommissioning the Medication Dosing Calculators (for adults)

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Medication Services Queensland issued a Patient Safety Communique on January 5th announcing that the Medication Dosing Calculators (for adults) will be decommissioned, and replaced by calculators provided through a number of resources on CKN.

The calculators were originally released by Medication Services Queensland in February 2010 to provide decision support for clinicians in performing calculations for:

  1. Ideal body weight
  2. Creatinine clearance
  3. Enoxaparin dosing (treatment and prophylaxis)
  4. Aminoglycoside once daily dosing for adults (initial and subsequent)

As calculators for ideal body weight and creatinine clearance are available through resources on CKN, it was determined that the Medication Dosing Calculators are obsolete and will be decommissioned from January 2018. 

Over 500 calculators, dosing and analysis tools, clinical criteria sets, units and dose converters, and decision trees are available through a number of CKN resources including DynaMed Plus, Micromedex, ClinicalKey for Nursing, Therapeutic Guidelines (eTG Complete), AMH and more.

See all calculator resources on the CKN Medical Calculators page.

last updated: 
Wednesday, 21 February, 2018