Do your patients know when to ask: Could this be sepsis?

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September 13 is World Sepsis Day but despite significant effort, many Queenslanders still don’t know what sepsis is or its symptoms. That’s why Clinical Excellence Queensland (CEQ) has launched a comprehensive website for both clinicians and patients, with a wide range of downloadable resources, from posters and infographics, to videos and sample text that can be shared among your colleagues and networks.

Where are we in the fight against sepsis?

The Queensland Sepsis Program (QSP) and the Queensland Paediatric Sepsis Program (QPSP) has been working tirelessly to raise the profile of sepsis across the state. And CEQ has made significant progress in the early identification and management of sepsis, with their co-designed, evidence-based sepsis clinical pathways now in use across many emergency departments, including in rural and remote areas. The QSP is now moving to address hospital-acquired sepsis with a paediatric pathway currently in pilot and an adult inpatient pathway under development. A project has also been completed by Townsville University Hospital to test a digital sepsis algorithm developed in New South Wales, with promising results.


Sepsis Awareness Resources

Now with World Sepsis Day approaching it is an ideal time to help build momentum and increase levels of awareness of this devastating illness - and ultimately save lives.

World Sepsis Day provides an opportunity raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of sepsis and encourages us to continue the fight against this illness. Queensland Health would like your help to empower Queenslanders to ask: Could this be sepsis? by learning what to look out for and when to seek help. CEQ's World Sepsis Day website provides a comprehansive range of downloadable resources, which can be.

For ideas about building awareness at your location, visit the CEQ World Sepsis Day website.