DynaMed Plus now includes the clinical practice KICA guideline for dementia amongst Indigenous Australians

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The Kimberley Indigenous Cognitive Assessment (KICA) tool has now been added as a guidelines in the CKN decision support tool, DynaMed Plus.

KICA was developed in response to the need for a cognitive screening tool for older Indigenous Australians (45 years plus) living in rural and remote areas. The needs of older adults with dementia are complex. An extra degree of complexity is added for remote or rurally located Indigenous people with dementia owing to their location and cultural context.

The KICA tool has highlighted a serious and previously unrecognized Indigenous health problem that has major implications for future Indigenous health care. The prevalence of dementia amongst Indigenous Australians is substantially higher than in of the general population of developed and developing countries across all age groups (over the age of 45 years).

Prior to the development of KICA tool the extent of dementia and other cognitive impairment in this group has been hindered due to the lack of an available, culturally sensitive assessment tool. The KICA tool named after where the original research was conducted, comprises of a number of sections and assesses the person and carer. The KICA tool is now widely used in remote or rural locations across Australia.

last updated: 
Tuesday, 28 August, 2018