eTG Complete app tokens are now available

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Tokens for the eTG complete app from Therapeutic Guidelines are available for CKN users. The app provides access to the full collection of evidence-based recommendations for patient management from Therapeutic Guidelines.


App Features

  • Browse over 2,500 clinical topics covering common areas of care, arranged by clinical problem
  • Use the drug index to quickly find over 3,500 drug recommendations and indications
  • Link from drug recommendations to Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme details, including product and consumer medicine information
  • Link from drug recommendations to pregnancy and breastfeeding information
  • Fast search engine and topic retrieval
  • Refine and save search results
  • Log in only once – the first time the new app is opened
  • Easily work offline – by selecting the cloud icon to download content
  • Printable patient information sheets and downloadable PDFs
  • A wide range of useful tables, boxes and figures
  • “What’s New” information in each update
  • Time-saving calculators for body surface area, creatinine clearance and body weight, and glomerular filtration rate for children

Visit the CKN Apps Page for access and download instructions.

last updated: 
Friday, 4 October, 2019