eTG complete March update

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Therapeutic Guidelines has released a number of functional improvements to eTG complete with practice-changing updates included in the March update.

To complement last year’s changes to the search function, the March 2020 release of eTG complete includes changes to how topics are organised to make content easier to find, including search results for searches queries on bites, skin infections and herpes infections structured to be more intuitive.

To help clinicians find the appropriate antibiotic regimen for a patient with sepsis or septic shock, tools to aid navigation have been added to the sepsis topics:

  • Principles of managing sepsis and septic shock
  • Empirical regimens for sepsis or septic shock
  • Directed therapy for bloodstream infections, including sepsis and septic shock

The changes include a table summarising antibiotic regimens for sepsis or septic shock when the source of infection is not apparent, and more links to sepsis advice throughout the guidelines.

For a summary of practice-changing updates accompanying the March 2020 release of eTG complete, see here

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Wednesday, 25 March, 2020