Everything you need to know to get through your internship mostly intact

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The Junior Doctor Survival Guide is a companion to the new students, interns and residents beginning their journeys as clinicians. Written by residents, for residents (and interns!), the Junior Doctor Survival Guide is a thorough summary of everything you need to know to get through your internship and residency, relatively intact.

The Guide has been written from the perspective of giving a handover to new JMOs. It helps with the daily life new doctors face every day, in both clinical and professional contexts, supporting you to build your confidence in applying the principles you learned in medical school to the real world. There is a strong focus on the practical nature of working within the hospital system, learning the day-to-day job requirements often overlooked by formal medical education - most interns spend more time worrying about how to order investigations, put on a backslab and properly document patient plans than they do about the minutiae of specialist practice. That’s where the Guide steps in, giving tips on topics as varied as seeking help from your senior clinicians, ensuring ethical practice and decision making, to conducting an efficient ward round and carrying out emergency assessments. 

The prevocational years of medicine are greatly influenced by the hand of experience. It takes time to adjust to the inner workings of a hospital and becoming a busy, young professional. This text is the sum of the authors’ collective experiences, a series of tips and tricks for surviving that initial foray into the great unknown. With a large number of concise chapters the guide can help provide a framework for JMOs to build skills and knowledge with the wisdom to pass what you learn to others.

On CKN you can access The Junior Doctor Survival Guide online through ClinicalKey (find it in the Point of Care menu). You can also download full chapters if you create a separate ClinicalKey personal account