Evidence-based guidance on flood-related bacteria and diseases

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Floodwater can harbour dangerous soil-borne bacteria and disease organisms that pose serious health risks to the general public, as well as emergency services and health workers in affected regions. In the wake of recent flooding in North and North West Queensland there has been one death and several people have been hospitalised as a result of infection from environmental bacteria, in particular melioidosis.

People with impaired immune systems are especially vulnerable, with symptoms including lung infections (from mild bronchitis to severe pneumonia), septicaemic pneumonia (with fever, headache, breathing difficulties, abdominal pain, joint pain and disorientation), as well as localised skin infections.

CKN’s DynaMed Plus decision support tool provides evidence-based topics and guidance on melioidosis as well as a number of other related diseases and conditions. Most topics include ANZ Guidelines, including current QLD Health Guidelines and recommendations. 

Water or Soil-Borne