FACT: Pregnancy can be detected by injecting a woman’s urine into a frog or toad

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FACT: Mice droppings can be used as an ingredient in smelling salts.
Well, I never.

FACT: If a pregnant woman is scared by a wild dog, her child may be born with excess hair.
Hmmm that actually explains a few things.

FACT: Blowing tobacco smoke into the anus of a semi-conscious person will revive them.
Ah, not sure I want to know about that one to be honest.

To be honest, some of those statements might not be entirely true or the latest medical thinking. Or are they? Can you tell the difference between current practice, historical ideas and downright lies? Take the “Mind-Boggling Medical History” quiz and see how much you really know about medical fact or fiction throughout the ages. 

Created by the University of Oxford and the UK’s Royal College of Nursing, this quirky educational game challenges what you thought you knew about history and shows how ideas in medicine change for a variety of reasons.

Test your knowledge of different medical themes, including ‘sex and reproduction’, ‘animals’, ‘mind’ and ‘treatment’. From floating kidneys and wandering wombs, to urine-injected pregnancy detecting toads and transplanted human heads – past, present or complete nonsense – you decide. You might just learn a thing or two – whether you actually want to or not!

Play “Mind-Boggling Medical History” here: https://mbmh.web.ox.ac.uk/play-online