Featured apps from IBM Micromedex

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CKN provides clinicians with a range of apps from highly-regarded clinical information resources available on the site. Featured this month are apps from IBM® Micromedex®, providing Queensland Health clinicians with content covering drug references, interactions, IV compatibility, paediatrics and neonatology.. 

IBM Micromedex Drug Reference: This app provides access to quality evidence and delivers actionable recommendations beyond the package insert to find off-label indications, dosing recommendations, therapeutic class, administration, monitoring, toxicology, clinical teaching and much more. Available for Apple and Android devices. Download and Access Instructions

IBM Micromedex Drug Interactions: This app goes beyond just identifying potentially harmful drug interactions. It gives you the full treatment picture including prevention and management of clinical manifestations, the probability of an interaction, and the potential timeframe. This is supported by documentation ratings that provide insight into the level of evidence for each recommendation. Available for Apple and Android devices. Download and Access Instructions

IBM Micromedex IV Compatibility: This app features the latest IV compatibility information from the Trissel’s™ 2 Clinical Pharmaceutics Database. This tool helps clinicians identity potentially undesirable combinations with access to drug-solution compatibility results and drug-drug compatibility results when creating an admixture or administering via Y-Site. It also helps to interpret conflicting compatibility results by identifying contributing factors such as physical compatibility, storage, study period, container and chemical stability. Available for Apple devices only. Download and Access Instructions

IBM Micromedex Pediatrics Essentials: This app provides information when treating and managing drug therapy for paediatric patients. Included drug monographs cover: dose, administration, uses, contraindications / precautions, adverse effects, monitoring, pharmacology, special considerations/preparation, solution compatibility / incompatibility, and drug-drug compatibility / compatibility information, and references. This mobile app also includes an enteral formulas component that provides nutritional information for approximately 100 different infant formulas and human milk fortifiers and paediatric prescription enteral formulas. Available for Apple devices only. Download and Access Instructions

IBM Micromedex NeoFax® Essentials: This app is another mobile drug-dosing resource designed for doctors, nurses and pharmacists treating neonatal patients. It covers the same types of information included in Pediatrics Essentials, including the enteral formulas component, with nutritional information for 60+ different neonatal and infant formulas and human milk fortifiers. Available for Apple devices only. Download and Access Instructions

For more information about all CKN resource apps, visit the Apps page.