Featured Resource – AMH Australian Medicines Handbook

15 December 2017

Australian Medicines Handbook (AMH) is a peer-reviewed medicines prescribing guide for Australian health professionals. CKN's subscription to AMH is supplemented by the AMH Aged Care Companion and the AMH Children's Dosing Companion. Together they provide medical practitioners, pharmacists and nurses with an independent medicines reference tool for concise, practical, reliable, comparative drug information and quality use of medicines in Australia.

What's new in AMH?

AMH has recently been updated, with a number of changes including:

- Many new and revised drug interactions, e.g. evidence now suggests proton pump inhibitors do not reduce the effectiveness of clopidogrel 
- A new drug interactions search 
New drugs and new products, including IV amoxicillin with clavulanic acid, and a combined oral contraceptive with no hormone-free interval (see levonorgestrel with ethinylestradiol
- New safety information, e.g. paraffin-based moisturisers are potentially flammable, revised ocular monitoring for hydroxychloroquine
- New uses, e.g. adalimumab for uveitis, ulipristal for uterine fibroids
- Implementing changes to drug names in accordance with the list provided by the TGA.

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