Get CKN journals without even visiting CKN. Just install LibKey Nomad

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We’re excited to launch LibKey Nomad, an innovative tool making it easier for Queensland clinicians to access CKN’s journal articles. LibKey Nomad is an easily-installed browser extension for your work computer (approved by Queensland Health) or home computer, that automatically gives you access to CKN journal resources without having to visit the CKN website - connecting you to CKN content no matter where you start your research.

If you've found an article online, on medical publisher websites or even Wikipedia, you won't need to search for it again on CKN to get access. If LibKey Nomad finds the article in CKN’s collection, it will give you an instant one-click link to the full text.

And in scholarly databases like PubMed you’ll find one-click links in search results where you can download the article in PDF or read the full text article on the journal’s webpage.

Here's how it looks in PubMed:

Get LibKey Nomad

  • Installing LibKey Nomad is easy and only takes a few seconds. 
  • You can install LibKey Nomad on your Queensland health computer, and on your personal computer for when you're working remotely.
  • Simply visit and click the icon for your preferred browser (Edge, Chrome, Firefox & more). That will take you to the browser's store where you can add the extension.
  • "Read and change all your data on all websites"?  This means LibKey Nomad will include download links to get you to the full text article, plus helpful links to BrowZine and journal cover images - but only on affiliated websites.

  • Once installed, a pop-up window will prompt you to select your organisation. Be sure to choose “Queensland Health – Clinical Knowledge Network”. 

  • Then you’re all set! LibKey Nomad will just do its thing whenever it finds content you have access to via CKN. Easy!
  • To read full text articles when working remotely (not connected to the Queensland health network) you will be prompted to login using your CKN OpenAthens account. Need an account? Register at


Find out more - watch this short video