Important Notice About Using NeoFax/Pediatrics

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The Micromedex NeoFax/Pediatrics resource is only compatible with modern versions of Internet Explorer (versions 8 and up). Certain key functionality of Micromedex NeoFax/Pediatrics will not work when using a different internet browser, such as the one you are using now. To access Micromedex NeoFax/Pediatrics please close your current browser and open the CKN using Internet Explorer.

This problem is known to the publisher of NeoFax/Pediatrics and we are working to make the resource available across all modern browsers.

Note: This problem only impacts NeoFax/Pediatrics and does not affect other resources in the Micromedex suite, which are compatible with other browsers. If you are using Firefox or Chrome to access a different Micromedex resource first, and you then wish to you use NeoFax/Pediatrics, you will need to close your browser and switch to Internet Explorer.

To continue to Micromedex 2.0 using your current browser, e.g. Firefox or Chrome, please use the Micromedex 2.0 link appearing on this page.

If you have any questions or need help please contact the CKN HelpDesk at or 1300 308 174