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The CKN is a proudly QLD resource, and in changing the look and feel we wanted to make it as local as possible. We even thought about using a Maroon colour scheme. Keeping it local and relevant extends to using real QLD clinicians in the images and artwork featured on the site. In fact the new “face of CKN” belongs to Associate Professor Ann Rudden from Robina Hospital, originally from the USA, but now an 18-year Queenslander. We asked Ann to provide a bit of background about herself.

"I am a General Physician and Geriatrician and work in the acute medical wards, MAU and Outpatients Department. My Geriatrics takes me into the residential aged care facilities on the Gold Coast providing an outreach service to the frail elderly. The goals are to deliver specialist care to the patient in their nursing home, assisting with complex medical diagnoses and decisions, and assisting the GP’s with delivering complex care to this cohort.

I am also an active clinical educator to nurses, allied health, medical students, interns, RMO’s, registrars and advance trainees. I am an Associate Professor from Bond University Medical School and a senior lecturer for Griffith University School of Medicine.

I have been in Australia since 1998 working at the Gold Coast Hospital and Health Service District the entire time. I studied at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, the oldest medical school in America, founded by Ben Franklin. The educational backing I obtained there has stood me in good stead for life-long learning, problem solving, acceptance of new ideas and diseases.

I use CKN almost daily from my desktop or accessing it at home. I like to think of it as my own medical library; no longer do I find the key from the administration officer to let myself into the library afterhours because I am too busy to get there during working hours. I can access the virtual library at any time, even on the weekends when a case or medical query comes into my mind. As the librarians have taught me, “Saturday night will never be the same”.

Mims is very popular with me as well as the e-journals. It’s so good to bring the research evidence into clinical practice when I need it, where I need it and in a user friendly way.

I think that the top challenges facing a busy clinician are staying current in knowledge, knowing the evidence based research and being able to deliver this to the patient, their family and the next generation of healthcare workers. We are a team at all times and we need to function as a team. The CKN is the glue that keeps us together, whether at home, at the desktop or at the bedside."

Ann Rudden, M.D. FACP, FRACP
Associate Professor - Staff Specialist, General Medicine and Geriatrics
Gold Coast Hospital and Health Service District


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Monday, 24 August, 2015