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While registered health care professionals are aware of their annual CPD obligations, many don’t know they can use self-directed learning to meet this requirement.

That could mean reading a research article and writing a reflection on it. Or documenting an in-depth discussion with colleagues about a recently published systematic review. Activities like as these are accepted as CPD by AHPRA. And CKN’s extensive journal and database resources make this type of self-directed learning very accessible.

There are several other resources available on CKN that provide options for CPD. DynaMed, Nursing Reference Center Plus, ClinicalKey and ClinicalKey for Nursing, BMJ Best Practice and CINAHL Complete all provide easy ways to track and document the CPD taken. Nursing Reference Center Plus, for example, has in-depth continuing education modules that include an examination and documentation of successful completion. Several resources also offer skills-based assessments complete with checklists that can be used for a ward in-service with an assessor signing off.

Want to learn more about using CKN for CPD? Check out the extensive information on the Tutorials page. Here you will find videos and user guides, as well as all Upcoming Training Webinars. Queensland clinicians are encouraged to register for webinars of interest, and all registrants receive a recording of the session. Recordings are also uploaded to the CKN Vimeo channel.

CKN users can also request cutomised training sessions for particular specialties or resources. 

Meet CKN’s Trainer, Rachele Low

Rachele is a registered midwife and professional educator, having taught both primary and tertiary students, and supervised midwifery students’ clinical practice. Rachele has an in-depth knowledge of research databases and decision support tools, and expertise in finding evidence from the best available literature. Rachele is passionate about health care education and enjoys helping Queensland Health employees explore how to use CKN tools to their full capabilities.

Please direct all training requests to CKN’s Trainer, Rachele Low, at