New to CKN - Control of Communicable Diseases Manual (CCDM)

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New to CKN’s suite of clinical decision support tools is the Control of Communicable Diseases Manual (CCDM). This is one of the most widely recognised reference volumes on the topic of infectious diseases. Published by the American Public Health Association, the CCDM compiles comprehensive scientific data about communicable diseases, which significantly contribute to mortality and morbidity around the world. The CCDM emphasises the epidemiological aspects of communicable diseases and provides information about their identification, reporting, control and prevention.

The Control of Communicable Diseases Manual is presented in a consistent and standardised format, with each disease chapter including content on:

  • Disease name
  • Transmission
  • Clinical features
  • Risk groups
  • Causative agent(s)
  • Prevention
  • Diagnosis
  • Management of patients
  • Occurrence
  • Management of contacts and the immediate environment
  • Reservoir(s)
  • Special considerations
  • Incubation period

This high-value resource was funded for state-wide use by the Deputy Chief Health Officer, supporting Queensland clinicians in the fight against serious disease.

Dr Debra El Saadi, Manager Notifiable Diseases at Queensland Health, said, “This is the handbook most public health practitioners use to review communicable disease evidence. It is a trusted resource for CDNA guidelines for management of communicable diseases.

"While one of the most important resources for public health clinicians, it is also very useful for any clinician managing a person diagnosed with a communicable disease. All clinicians can refer to this for communicable diseases they are not familiar with.”

While recent worldwide focus has been on COVID-19, pandemics have been an ongoing public health priority, with 2009's H1N1 influenza in recent memory. In flood times in Queensland there is increased concern about conditions such as melioidosis, leptospirosis, tetanus, hepatitis A, and bacterial infections. That's alongside the ever-present threat of zoonotic diseases such as Australian bat lyssavirus (ABLV) and Hendra virus (HeV), and mosquito-borne diseases such as dengue fever and Ross River virus. And of course, influenza.

Dr Jerisha Ellerstrand, Public Health Registrar at West Moreton Health, said, "As a public health trainee, I find the Control of Communicable Diseases Manual to be an invaluable resource.

"It’s a clear, concise and easy-access resource with relevant information, particularly here in Queensland, where there is a wide variety of climates, and with tropical infectious diseases not experienced in other states. From the weird-and-wonderful to bread-and-butter - from anthrax to yaws.

"It’s great that the manual is now available via CKN and can be accessed online in a few clicks of the mouse."