New Qld website to improve awareness, early recognition and management of paediatric sepsis

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Sepsis is a leading cause of preventable death and disability in children, and is a top priority for statewide paediatric patient safety. The Queensland Paediatric Sepsis Program (QPSP) have now released a new website to support families and clinicians caring for children across the state. Hosted by Children’s Health Queensland, the website is a ‘one stop shop’ for clinicians, researchers, families and communities around Queensland.

The new website includes:

  • Clinical pathways, guidelines, tools and other resources for health professionals
  • Online education and courses
  • Information for families 
  • Family stories

For clinicians and researchers: One stop shop for paediatric sepsis clinical education and resources

It is widely acknowledged that sepsis can be a difficult diagnosis in children and infants. The role clinicians play is crucial in the early detection and management of children with sepsis or septic shock. With support we can greatly improve the outcomes for children, young people and their families.

The QPSP have developed a platform for online training and resources, providing Queensland clinicians with access to relevant, current and evidence-based education on paediatric sepsis. This multimodal education platform, developed by the team’s Clinical Nurse Consultant, will support clinicians with recognition and delivery of paediatric sepsis care. The platform offers peer-reviewed training including:

  • Videos on the recently launched Emergency Department Paediatric Sepsis Pathway
  • Antimicrobial Stewardship education from the team’s Advanced Pharmacist
  • Case-studies including pathway application
  • Skill acquisition videos focusing on sepsis management
  • Red flags for paediatric sepsis short education video

Resources for services are also available now including posters, fact sheets and PowerPoint presentations. Having all resources available in the one place will allow hospital educators, quality and safety teams, managers and clinicians to easily embed paediatric sepsis education into your curriculum. Resources can be found in the Health Professionals section of the Sepsis and Children homepage.

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For families: Journeying through sepsis – an innovative video series

Queensland families who have had a child impacted by sepsis have identified a need for consistent, research based and timely education. The ground-breaking video series ‘Journeying through Sepsis’ has been co-designed by families and QPSP clinicians, led by the team’s Advanced Social Worker. With the help of JuicedTV, the series provides impactful stories and practical advice for families from the initial diagnosis through to intensive care and rehab, and support after discharge. This is an Australian first series for paediatric sepsis and is a vital resource for all clinicians supporting families of children dialogised with sepsis. View the Journeying through Sepsis series on the Family Experiences section of the Sepsis and Children website