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The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Sept 2016 issue has published a new clinical report, Countering Vaccine Hesitancy.

The report addresses the problem of vaccine hesitancy, providing paediatricians with an overview of the reasons for hesitancy, a review of the extensive process of vaccine development and testing prior to licensure, and the safety monitoring of vaccines after they are licensed. This is followed by a discussion of practical techniques for the paediatrician to employ when faced with vaccine hesitant parents. In addition, a list of resources that offer support for the paediatrician in these discussions is provided. Highlights include:

  • A brief history of vaccine hesitancy
  • A discussion of the processes involved in licensing vaccines that are safe and effective and monitoring them after licensure
  • Specific concerns raised by parents hesitant about vaccination
  • Emphasis on the value of paediatricians listening to and addressing the questions of the parents, and remembering that the paediatrician is the parents' most trusted source of vaccine information
  • Techniques for addressing vaccine hesitancy in daily practice
  • A reminder that most parents accept vaccines when paediatricians provide answers to their questions and address their concerns
  • Guidance for the careful assessment and the potential dismissal of families who adamantly refuse vaccination

The clinical report also updates and expands the Discussing Vaccines With Patients and Parents chapter in the current edition of Red Book (Section 1, p 7–13).

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Monday, 24 October, 2016