Pharmacovigilance Searching on Embase

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Embase has nine search forms: Quick, PICO, PV Wizard, Advanced, Drug, Disease, Device, Article and Authors. Earlier this year Embase introduced a new PV Wizard search form on their platform. The PV search form enables Embase users to build structured, comprehensive pharmacovigilance and literature monitoring search queries in an easy and fast manner. 

PV Wizard search form includes 5 key elements: drug name, alternative drug names, adverse drug reactions, special conditions and human limits. For more information about the PV Wizard search form, please click the following links:

  • Guide to using new PV Wizard search form: download now
  • Recorded Webinar - Best practices for pharmacovigilance and literature monitoring (including PV Wizard demo): watch now
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Thursday, 16 November, 2017