Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Medicines Guide (PBMG) no longer available

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Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Medicines Guide (PBMG) is no longer available on CKN. Coverage of this topic can be found in these other related available resources:

Drugs and Lactation Database (LactMed)
Lactation & Drugs Database | Toxicology | Drug & Breastfeeding Compatibility | Adverse Effects | Therapeutic Alternatives | Chemical Safety | Environmental Health

Medications and Mothers’ Milk
Lactation & Drugs Database | Drug & Breastfeeding Compatibility | Adverse Effects | Relative Infant Risks | Adult Pharmacokinetics | Herbal & Alternative Substances |

Prescribing Medicines in Pregnancy Database
Pregnancy & Drugs Information

You can find these resources on the Medicines page of CKN. If you have any feedback regarding these resources please contact the Help Desk Email and Phone 1300 308 174.

last updated: 
Tuesday, 10 October, 2017