Search Tip - Refining searches using Subject Headings

14 December 2017

When looking for articles or resources using the CKN discovery search box, you can help refine your results using Subject Headings. These are a controlled vocabulary of standardised terms used to describe the content of an article. When an article is indexed it can be assigned one or more subject headings, which can help you more easily drill down to the specific content you are after.

For example when searching for articles on “childhood leakemia”, you could choose the “cancer” subject heading to filter your results. You can further refine by adding up to 50 more related subject headings, e.g. “child, preschool” and “chemotherapy”. These will work as AND/OR in relation to the initial “cancer” subject heading. Every resulting article will now have either “cancer AND/OR child, preschool”, or “cancer AND/OR chemotherapy”

For more information on searching and using search limiters, watch this short video.