Therapeutic Guidelines updates for January 2019

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Therapeutic Guidelines has released new eTG complete updates for January 2019, including the release of new Diabetes guidelines, as well as updated topics in the Ulcer and Wound Management guidelines. 

New Diabetes guidelines: The new Diabetes guidelines have information on hospital and community care, including the management of drug-induced hyperglycaemia, and a new comparative drug table designed to help with treatment selection in patients with type 2 diabetes. Suggested protocols for intravenous insulin infusions for patients undergoing a procedure or during labour are provided. Newer technology such as continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion pumps and interstitial fluid glucose monitors are discussed. For more information see the summary of changes.

Ulcer and Wound Management guidelines: Extensively revised, they focus on individualised, patient-centred therapy to optimise the treatment and prevention of common ulcers and wounds. Throughout the guideline, practice point boxes are provided with practical tips to help clinicians. New topics include surgical wounds (including scarring and skin grafts), minor burns, abrasions, haematomas and wound cleansing. For more information see the summary of changes.

Endocrinology guidelines: The previous Endocrinology guidelines have now been split into three new guidelines — Diabetes, Bone and Metabolism, and Sexual and Reproductive Health. Updates of the latter two titles are expected in 2019.

last updated: 
Wednesday, 23 January, 2019