Time-based CME logging now available on ClinicalKey and ClinicalKey for Nursing

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ClinicalKey and ClinicalKey for Nursing now offer users the ability to log time spent for self-directed, structured, online learning. This can be used toward the acquisition of time-based CME credits from various professional associations throughout Australia.

Earning CME Time: Users logged into ClinicalKey will identify a clinical question, perform a search in ClinicalKey to answer it, and access the most relevant CME-eligible content. Currently, eligible content includes Books, published Journal articles, and First Consult. (Clinical Overviews content will be eligible at a later date yet to be determined.) The time spent reviewing content will be automatically recorded as “Potential CME.”  

Claiming CME Time: Users logged into ClinicalKey will click the CME link, filter by timeframe, and select the query for which they want to claim time credit. After they review the details, complete an evaluation form, and click “Submit,” a certificate will display. The printable certificate will show the amount of time spent reviewing and researching content. 

Provide your feedback to ClinicalKey

The ClinicalKey development team is keen to hear feedback from healthcare professionals who use ClinicalKey or ClinicalKey for Nursing and are hoping to set up some forums later this year to facilitate this. If you know of any staff members who might be interested in participating in one of these forums, please ask them to email Kieran Matharu ( k.matharu@elsevier.com ) who will be able to provide more information and timelines as they are confirmed. 


last updated: 
Wednesday, 16 May, 2018