Try Micromedex’s new natural language Q&A tool “Ask Watson”, and join the mobile trial

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Micromedex has recently added the new "Ask Watson" feature to help answer your drug information questions. Ask Watson uses the IBM Watson question-answering AI computer system, able to respond to questions written in natural language. Queensland Health clinicians are now invited to trial the pre-release mobile version.

With Ask Watson you can pose questions in the same conversational way that clinicians talk to clinicians. The more specific the question, the more specific the answer, such as:

  • What's the adult dose of lisinopril for hypertension?
  • What are the adverse effects of digoxin?
  • How fast can Daptomycin be given?

Watson is still in its “medical residency” and can already answer many drug information questions. The system is learning every day from interaction with users and will understand more sophisticated questions over time. For now, answers are limited to:

  • Drug Information (e.g. Drug Classes, Dosing, Administration, Medication Safety, Mechanism of Action, Pharmacokinetics, About)
  • Drug Interactions
  • IV Compatibility

At this stage it doesn’t understand questions about:

  • NeoFax/Pediatrics, Toxicology, Disease, Lab, Alternative Medicine, Reproductive Risk
  • Third Party content (e.g. Martindale)

Participate in the mobile device trial

Currently Ask Watson is only available in the web browser version of Micromedex. The mobile version is in the final stages of development and has been offered to Queensland Health for a pre-release trial – on IBM Micromedex’s “Limited Availability” program. CKN users are invited to try this new AI technology and provide feedback to shape how the application will operate once it becomes generally available for all clinicians. Enhancements will be added over the coming months and you will have unlimited access as its capabilities progress. 

In the trial you will be able to:

  • Access Ask Watson from your smartphone or tablet
  • Ask written natural language questions and get answers about full drug monograph evidence. Ask Watson uses written Q&A, and doesn't have Siri-like speech capability.
  • Use with WiFi or mobile data
  • Use your Android or Apple devices

Your participation will only require:

  1. Simple device setup
  2. Five-to-seven days of periodic use 
  3. A simple five-minute survey

How to enrol

To participate, please follow the steps below: 

  • Follow this enrolment link and select 'Continue to Agreement'
  • Create a new IBM ID or enter an existing one
    • In the “Company” field you MUST enter “CKN - Queensland Health”
    • You may receive a response that your ID is under review. If so, you will receive an email when your ID is setup
  • You will receive setup instructions at the email address you provided
  • After you enrol, an email will be sent outlining the steps to add Watson on your mobile device


last updated: 
Friday, 25 October, 2019