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The Clinical Knowledge Network (CKN), Queensland Health’s state-wide online clinical information service, has undergone a major update. Queensland Health and it's CKN partner, EBSCO, are delighted to welcome you to the newly re-launched portal. This update represents a long term investment in an innovative, stable CKN platform for the next five years.

The updated CKN inludes:

  • Stable platform of CKN content for a long-term commitment of up to 5 years.
  • For the first time, 24/7 user support via phone (1300 308 174) and email support@ckn.org.au.
  • New and simplified web address – ckn.org.au.
  • Significant increase in CKN content, including a choice of five (5) point of care tools.
  • Faster information searching with enhanced online functionality and integration of content tools.
  • New fully integrated user driven document supply service for articles unavailable from online journals for only $6 per item – emailed directly to the requestor within minutes.
  • Greater range of training opportunities, including onsite face-to-face, online 'webinars', on-demand training, and self-paced user guides and help sheets.

Has anything changed?

  • There have been limited changes to the navigation, look and feel of CKN. However, extensive training will be provided on how to best use the new functionality and content.
  • Direct access to CKN within Queensland Health will not change. Links from the front page of QHEPS now point to the new CKN website.
  • Users will need to re-register for remote (home) and mobile access, and to make discounted document purchases.

Continuing resources

  • AUSTHealth.
  • Australian Medicines Handbook (AMH) and Children's Dosing Companion.
  • Best Practice.
  • DSM-5.
  • Embase.
  • Health Policy Reference Center.
  • MIMS.
  • Nursing Consult.
  • Oxford Textbook of Medicine.
  • PEMSoft.
  • Therapeutic Guidelines (eTG).

New resources

  • DynaMed – a leading US clinical reference tool identified by a European study published in the British Medical Journal in 2011 as the most current resource of its type.
  • Isabel – a UK differential diagnosis tool selected in 2010 by the American Medical Association for its physician training portal.
  • British National Formulary for Children.
  • MIMS Don't Rush to Crush.
  • Neofax (Micromedex).
  • Pediatrics Online (Micromedex).
  • Clinical Key Australia – access to the latest content from over 500 leading Elsevier medicine/surgery journals.
  • Medline Complete – full text articles for more than 1,400 journals indexed by Medline.
  • CINAHL Complete – full text articles for more than 1,300 journals indexed by CINAHL.
  • Psychology and Behavioural Sciences Collection – access to nearly 540 full text journals indexed by PsycINFO, with strong coverage in child and adolescent psychology.
last updated: 
Monday, 30 June, 2014