Zika virus evidence for CKN users on DynaMed Plus

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In view of the global concern over the outbreak of the Zika virus, both EBSCO (DynaMed Plus) and Elsevier (The Lancet) have provided information and clinical evidence about the virus, which is of particular importance given the potential risks for Queensland.

EBSCO has made available free access to a comprehensive summary of the clinical evidence related to Zika virus in DynaMed Plus.

Compiled by Sheila Bond, MD, FACP, DynaMed Deputy Editor of Infectious Diseases. Dr. Bond is the Deputy Editor for Infectious Diseases at DynaMed, as well as a Clinical Instructor at Harvard Medical School and an Associate Physician at Brigham and Women’s Hospital where she attends on the transplant infectious disease service. She also continues research on the immune control of viral infections in solid-organ transplant recipients at Massachusetts General Hospital.


last updated: 
Thursday, 11 February, 2016