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New resources coming July 2020

Coming this July CKN is adding a number of new resources covering a range of specialties including two new medicines resources - for complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) and palliative care, plus new journals focussed on infectious diseases, respiratory medicine and emergency medicine, all of which are Coronavirus pandemic priority topics.


BMJ Case Reports

BMJ recently celebrated the milestone of 20,000 published cases in BMJ Case Reports, the world’s largest online collection of medical case reports. CKN and Queensland health staff are active participants in submitting content for BMJ Case Reports and are encouraged to advantage of CKN's Institutional Fellowship.


eTG complete March update

Therapeutic Guidelines has released a number of functional improvements to eTG complete with practice-changing updates included in the March update.

To complement last year’s changes to the search function, the March 2020 release of eTG complete includes changes to how topics are organised to make content easier to find, including search results for searches queries on bites, skin infections and herpes infections structured to be more intuitive.


MIMS Online is modernising its interface

MIMS Online is undergoing a revamp, with a more modern look and feel that’s optimised for mobile devices, improved navigation and more prominent search, monthly new and revised product lists and more.


December resource updates

The December 2019 release of eTG complete includes practice-changing updates to the antibiotic, cardiovascular, dermatology and neurology guidelines, as well as the recent comprehensive update to the Oral and Dental guidelines, The Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Medicines Guide (PBMG) has also been updated with new and revised information.


Updated eTG complete Oral and Dental guidelines

Following are the new information and major changes included in the Oral and Dental guidelines in eTG complete.


New and Updated Resources

NEW: Australasian Neonatal Medicines Formulary (ANMF)

ANMF is a collection of treatment protocols for neonates developed by multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals specialised in neonatal care. Aiming to improve patient outcomes and reduce treatment variation, ANMF provides evidence-based information to support clinicians in the delivery of treatments available at the time decisions are being made. Find ANMF in the CKN Medicines menu.


Applications for the Feb 2020 CKN Clinical Champions program are now open!

Most Queensland Health clinicians use CKN, but even the most frequent users will sometimes need help understanding CKN’s potential. We know that many people are barely scratching the surface. The CKN Clinical Champions Program is helping building awareness and capacity among clinical staff to make the best use of the information resources available to them. This is your chance to get involved.


Severe Perineal Tears Clinical Care Standard - consultation now open

Of all women who gave birth vaginally in Australia in 2014, 3% had a third or fourth degree perineal tear. Severe perineal trauma, if not recognised and repaired at the time, can have serious long-term consequences for women. The ACSQHC is now inviting comments on the draft Severe (Third and Fourth Degree) Perineal Tears Clinical Care Standard.


Try Micromedex’s new natural language Q&A tool “Ask Watson”, and join the mobile trial

Micromedex has recently added the new "Ask Watson" feature to help answer your drug information questions. Ask Watson uses the IBM Watson question-answering AI computer system, able to respond to questions written in natural language. Queensland Health clinicians are now invited to trial the pre-release mobile version.