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Find clinical guidelines when searching CKN

When running a search on CKN you will now be offered links to relevant clinical guidelines.

Clinical guidelines are sets of non-mandatory rules, principles or recommendations for procedures or practices in a particular field. Guidelines provide evidence-based information to help health professionals achieve best practice, assist in the clinical decision making process, and include recommendations to help optimise patient care. They are developed by panels of multidisciplinary experts, informed by a systematic review of evidence, and an assessment of the benefits and harms of alternative care options.


Decommissioning the Medication Dosing Calculators (for adults)

Medication Services Queensland issued a Patient Safety Communique on January 5th announcing that the Medication Dosing Calculators (for adults) will be decommissioned, and replaced by calculators provided through a number of resources on CKN.

The calculators were originally released by Medication Services Queensland in February 2010 to provide decision support for clinicians in performing calculations for:


Clinical Guideline Added - Recommendations for Clinical Care Guidelines on the Management of Otitis Media in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Populations

Recommendations for Clinical Care Guidelines on the Management of Otitis Media in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Populations has been added to the Guidelines list on CKN. This is the current version of the Guidelines, last updated on the 1st April 2010.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health staff working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families are likely to have the greatest impact on severe otitis media (OM). Otitis media refers to inflammation and infection of the middle ear space. It is a complex condition associated with both illness and hearing loss.


Access changes to ClinicalKey and ClinicalKey for Nursing

From January 1, 2018, Elsevier will be enforcing their access policy to curb excessive downloading and piracy of content from ClinicalKey and ClinicalKey for Nursing.

CKN users will need to register for a personal account (instructions below) in order to download full-text book chapter PDFs; use the Presentation Maker; access Search History, Saved Searches and Saved Content; access ClinicalKey remotely and use the Mobile App. PDFs will be watermarked with the user’s registered email address. 


Upcoming Content for ClinicalKey

ClinicalKey has some new additions for January. There are some new eBooks, an update on removals and recommended alternatives. Find the full list here


ClinicalKey New Content

ClinicalKey has upcoming new content. There are 21 new eBook editions in this update. The list of December 2017 releases is available here. Also find other eBooks on ClinicalKey and CKN here.


Trial ended for Natural and Alternative Treatments database

CKN recently commenced a trial of the Natural and Alternative Treatments database. Some CKN users have experienced problems accessing the database, making it difficult for them to properly assess the suitability of the product. The publisher of the database is investigating the problem. We have decided to end the trial until the problem has been resolved, and will notify users when the trial recommences. Thank you for your patience.


Pharmacovigilance Searching on Embase

Embase has nine search forms: Quick, PICO, PV Wizard, Advanced, Drug, Disease, Device, Article and Authors. Earlier this year Embase introduced a new PV Wizard search form on their platform. The PV search form enables Embase users to build structured, comprehensive pharmacovigilance and literature monitoring search queries in an easy and fast manner. 

PV Wizard search form includes 5 key elements: drug name, alternative drug names, adverse drug reactions, special conditions and human limits. For more information about the PV Wizard search form, please click the following links:


Prescribing during pregnancy - Drugs During Pregnancy and Lactation: Treatment Options and Risk Assessment (Third Edition, 2015)

There are valuable resources available under eBooks’ on drug safety and prescribing during pregnancy. "Drugs During Pregnancy and Lactation: Treatment Options and Risk Assessment" is a ‘fast look up’ and ‘accessible’ text to provide advice on prescribing during pregnancy. Find this text under eBooks’ You can also find it here.


New 8th edition of Talley & O'Connor's Clinical Examination now available

The new 8th edition of Talley & O'Connor's Clinical Examination is now available on ClinicalKey.

The book has been renamed from ‘Clinical Examination: A Systematic Guide to Physical Diagnosis’ to 'Talley & O'Connor's Clinical Examination’.

Find the new resource here