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Updates to the Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Medicines Guide

New medicine profiles added
Three new medicine profiles, aclidinium, indacaterol and umeclidinium with vilanterol have been added online.

Five new facts sheets uploaded
Agomelatine, aripiprazole, lorazepam, nortriptyline and zuclopenthixol medicine fact sheets have been added to the medicine profiles. All fact sheets aim to complement verbal counselling by health care professionals.

Anti-infective medicine profiles revised
All 128 anti-infective medicine profiles have been recently reviewed and updated to provide the latest information and recommendations for use in pregnancy and breastfeeding.


Updates to the Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Medicines Guide

New medicine profiles added

Three new medicine profiles dapoxetinemirabegron and tafluprost have been added online.

Eye, ear, nose and throat medicine profiles and genitourinary medicine profiles revised

All 43 eye, ear, nose and throat medicine profiles and 14 genitourinary medicine profiles have been recently reviewed and updated to provide the latest information and recommendations for use in pregnancy and breastfeeding.


BMJ Learning via CKN

BMJ Learning is moving to a new platform for integration into learning management systems. All existing trials to BMJ Learning including CKN have ceased and are being turned off.


CKN never takes a break …

So you can enjoy the festive season!

Summer in Queensland is a wonderful holiday time for most people.  It is also the season in which we typically experience severe storms, cyclones and floods.

CKN is designed to remain operational 24/7 through the worst conditions, as demonstrated during the 2011 Queensland floods.

Even if QHEPS is temporarily unavailable at your hospital, CKN can still be accessed via the internet using a QH PC, offsite PC, or personal mobile device.

Remember: whatever the weather is doing outside this summer, if you have the internet, you have CKN!

To access CKN via a mobile device or offsite PC, you will need to register for a CKN Account – something we recommend all clinicians do as soon as possible, particularly if you are likely to be working during the festive season.

Registering for a CKN account is easy and literally only takes a few minutes.


BMJ Case Reports

Queensland Health maintains an active subscription to BMJ Case Reports.

To submit a Case Report, the person(s) submitting must specify that they are from Queensland Health and not a specific health service or hospital.  The BMJ Case Report code for submissions is 200780.

Please contact the CKN HelpDesk if additional guidance is required to complete your submission.


eTG complete by Therapeutic Guidelines

For the November 2016 eTG complete release, the formats of tables and drug recommendations have been improved. In response to user feedback, the drug index has been expanded to include drugs and doses displayed in tables, and the drug index will continue to be expanded over the coming year.

To access the drug index, click on the black Browse drug index button underneath the main search box on the eTG complete home page. Type the generic name of the drug to see a drop-down list of indications for which the drug is recommended in eTG complete. Clicking on an entry will take you to the dose regimen for the indication.



CKN’s Micromedex provides integrated ‘single-source’ access to leading international evidence-based medicines and toxicology resources, including:

IV Compatibility
Comprehensive IV compatibility featuring Trissel’s™ 2 data, to help clinicians interpret conflicting compatibility results by identifying contributing factors. It includes drug-solution compatibility results, as well as drug-drug compatibility results. Clinicians may search simultaneously for two or more drugs and solutions to view compatibility information.

A comprehensive international drug resource with fully referenced content covering global trade names, dosage, pharmacokinetics, cautions, interactions, comparative efficacy, label and off-label indications, and clinical applications.


Choice and Medication

The Choice and Medication website provides information in relation to psychotropic medications to consumers and/or carers receiving health care from Queensland Health. The website includes psychotropic medication information leaflets about medication treatment options, benefits and associated risks. There are charts, guides, fact sheets available and links to additional information to ensure all information is easily accessible and understandable for both the consumers and clinicians.


eTG Mobile Application

The eTG Complete mobile app is not currently available for institutional subscribers (read more). Therapeutic Guidelines has confirmed that it is developing its mobile platform to support institutional subscriptions and these enhancements are expected to be available sometime next year (2017). CKN users will be notified of enhancements as they are released. In the meantime, if you have any questions or suggestions in relation to eTG Complete, or CKN mobile apps generally, please do not hesitate to contact the Help Desk.


New Updates to Red Book

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Sept 2016 issue has published a new clinical report, Countering Vaccine Hesitancy.

The report addresses the problem of vaccine hesitancy, providing paediatricians with an overview of the reasons for hesitancy, a review of the extensive process of vaccine development and testing prior to licensure, and the safety monitoring of vaccines after they are licensed. This is followed by a discussion of practical techniques for the paediatrician to employ when faced with vaccine hesitant parents. In addition, a list of resources that offer support for the paediatrician in these discussions is provided. Highlights include: