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Study finds a 5 minute delay in umbilical cord clamping aids newborn brain function

A five-minute delay in the clamping of healthy infants’ umbilical cords results in increased iron stores and brain myelin in areas important for early-life functional development, a new US nursing study has found. In their study of 73 infants, nurse researchers said their results challenge the common practice of immediate umbilical cord clamping.


Study says hospital acquired infections can make patients ‘feel like lepers’

Healthcare associated infections such as MRSA cause more than just physical distress for patients, according to a recent analysis. A new study, published in the American Journal of Infection Control, found many patients had emotional responses to diagnoses of hospital acquired infections, including “feeling dirty,” “having the plague” or “feeling like a leper.”


New review into inflammatory bowel disease during pregnancy offers hope to expectant mothers

Women with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) who wish to have children have an excellent chance of a successful pregnancy if the pregnancy is planned, if conception occurs when IBD is in remission, and if there is pre-conception counselling.


Increased Q fever vaccination needed for rural residents

Q fever awareness and vaccine access needs to increase for all people living in rural and regional areas, as a new Australian study finds people who are not in recognised high-risk groups are still at increased risk of catching the highly infectious disease. The study, published in the Medical Journal of Australia, found rural residents in Australia were highly likely to be exposed to the bacterial infection, even if they were not working with animals.


Results of a new trial suggest oral antibiotics should be considered for patients with bone and joint infections

Prolonged antibiotic therapy for joint infections and osteomyelitis has substantial costs in terms of dollars, time and the potential development of antibiotic resistance. Standard duration of intravenous antibiotic therapy is six weeks for osteomyelitis and between two and six weeks for septic arthritis. Recently, a randomised, unblinded non-inferiority trial was conducted in the UK comparing intravenous to oral antibiotic therapy for bone and joint infections, most often following surgical debridement.


New advances in managing glaucoma: the “sneak thief of sight”

The MJA has published two articles on advances in glaucoma management and the importance of collaborative care in improving patients’ quality of life.


Featured apps - BMJ Best Practice, MIMS, and Micromedex

CKN provides clinicians with a range of apps from highly-regarded clinical information resources available on the site. Featured this month are BMJ Best Practice’s app with decision support information for patient diagnosis and treatment, and drug information apps from MIMS and Micromedex.


20% of pancreatic cancer linked to smoking: another reason to quit

Thousands of cases of pancreatic cancer could be avoided in the coming decades if current smokers could kick the habit, prompting one expert to call for a renewed commitment to making tobacco control and smoking cessation “public health priority number one”.


Challenges accessing patient records a driver of unnecessary healthcare

Specialists and hospital staff cite challenges in accessing patient information from other clinicians as a common reason for requesting unnecessary medical tests, treatments or procedures, according to a new report from Choosing Wisely Australia.


Townsville flooding - "The health response has been quite remarkable"

Recent flooding in North and North West Queensland has focused attention on the dangerous soil-borne bacteria and disease organisms that floodwaters harbour, posing serious health risks in affected regions. Indeed there has been two confirmed deaths and several people admitted to hospital as a result of melioidosis in the wake of flooding. CKN spoke with Townsville’s Public Health Unit acting director, Dr Julie Mudd, about the health effects that recent flooding have had on the region, and how her team in Townsville have responded to the crisis.