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Plain water is better than hand sanitiser for influenza A

Simple handwashing, even without soap, is more effective than using many hand disinfectants for killing influenza A virus (IAV) in typical clinical situations, new data show.


A new study suggests nurses’ performance is affected by social media addiction

Addiction to social networking sites is affecting nurses’ performance and their ability to concentrate on their work, according to a new study, published in the Journal of Advanced Nursing. The research suggests addiction to social networking sites is “becoming commonplace” among nurses and this risks damaging patient care.


Daily coffee doesn’t affect cancer risk, according to new research from QIMR

Researchers from QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute have found that drinking coffee does not change a person’s risk of being diagnosed with, or dying from, cancer, in a study published in the International Journal of Epidemiology


Could long, high dose courses of antibiotics be the answer to common infections or lead to more AMR problems?

Many women suffer from urinary tract infection (UTI) symptoms for years, but standard tests don't often provide a diagnosis and standard treatments don't help. But recent research into the detection of infections suggest that some tests are out of date and that treatment recommendations could be leading to increased antimicrobial resistance (AMR) problems. 

Low nurse and support staffing tied to higher inpatient mortality

Low nursing assistant staffing is just as much of a risk to the lives of patients as inadequate registered nurse levels, US researchers have found. As well as reinforcing previous findings about the association between registered nurse staffing and patient mortality, the researchers also found a link between death rates and nursing support levels.


What do sick kids really need in hospital?

Feeling safe and being able to get to sleep at night are the things that matter most to sick kids in hospital, according to world-first research from Edith Cowan University.


Mental illness raises risk of gestational diabetes mellitus, says new Australian research

New research by Murdoch University and The University of Western Australia has revealed that women with severe mental illness have a greater chance of developing a serious medical complication during pregnancy.


Featured apps from IBM Micromedex

CKN provides clinicians with a range of apps from highly-regarded clinical information resources available on the site. Featured this month are apps from IBM® Micromedex®, providing Queensland Health clinicians with content covering drug references, interactions, IV compatibility, paediatrics and neonatology.. 


More colorectal cancer cases are being diagnosed in younger patients

The incidence of colorectal cancer in adults younger than 50 years of age has increased in the USA since 1970. A new study published early online in the American Cancer Society’s journal CANCER, found that the proportion of adults diagnosed with colorectal cancer under age 50 in the United States has continued to increase over the past decade, and younger adults are diagnosed with more advanced disease.


Genetics account for over 50% of the risk of developing motor neurone disease - new study

Irish researchers have found that one in 347 men and one in 436 women can be expected to develop motor neurone disease during their lifetime, and that genetics account for about 52% of the risk of developing the disease.